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Oxetane ETERNACOLL® series are cationic curable raw materials with safety such as less hazard of skin irritation and lower toxicity. It can be used in combination with epoxy resins for a wide range of applications including coating and 3D printing resin.

*ETERNACOLL is a registered trademark in Japan and other countries.


  • Curable with UV/thermal cation generator or acid anhydride ⇒ No Influence of Inhibition with O2
  • Low Toxicity and Low Skin Irritation ⇒ Higher Safety
  • Good Compatibility with Epoxy compounds, and Improvement of Curing Speed of Epoxy Compounds by Combination with Oxetane ⇒ Expected to Contribute to High Speed Curing System and Good Properties of Cured Resin
  • Compounds Expected to Provide Low Curing Shrinkage ⇒ Improvement in Dimensional Stability and Adhesion


ETERNACOLL® EHO (3-Ethyl-3-hydroxymethyl oxetane)

Suitable as a Reactive Diluent, Low Viscosity and Good Compatibility
Expected application: UV Paint/Coating, Resin for photo-curing 3D printing

ETERNACOLL® HBOX (3-Ethyl-3-(4-hydroxybutyloxymethyl)oxetane)

Less Polar and Less Volatile Reactive Diluent than EHO
Expected Application: UV Paint/Coating

*Please consult us in advance if using for photo-curing 3D printing

ETERNACOLL® OXMA ((3-Ethyl-3-oxetanyl)methylmethacrylate)

Hybrid Compound Curable with Cations and Radicals, Possible to Cure in Two Steps
Expected Application: UV Paint/Coating, Resist Material

ETERNACOLL® OXBP (4,4’-Bis[(3-ethyl-3-oxetanyl)methoxymethyl]biphenyl)

Aromatic Bifunctional Compound with High Hardness, Heat Resistance and Chemical Resistance
Expected Use: Adhesive for Electronic Materials, Sealant, EMC, FCCL Adhesive Layer

ETERNACOLL® OXIPA (Bis[(3-ethyl-3-oxetanyl)methyl]isophtalate)

Aromatic Bifunctional Compound with Good Compatibility
Expected Application: Adhesive for Electronic Materials, EMC, FCCL Adhesive Layer

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