Products for Polyurethane Resins

 (Coatings, Resins and Adhesives, etc)

PCD(Polycarbonate Diol)

Polycarbonatediol (ETERNACOLL Series) , a raw material for polyurethane resin (PUR) , has a capability to enhance PUR's performance (durability and chemical resistance). It is suitable for synthetic leather, thermoplastic urethane and coatings etc which are required high performance. A wide variety of grades are available according to the desired use.

Waterborne Polyurethane Dispersions(PUDs)

Waterborne Polyurethane Dispersions (PUDs) using water as the primary solvent are environmentally friendly coating materials which can reduce emission of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and now are being used widely for water-based paints, adhesive, ink-binder and coatings, etc. UBE is the global supplier of Polycarbonate Diols (PCD), and can provide a superior toughness and high durability products in terms of heat, hydrolysis, chemical, abrasion and weather resistance based on our PCD technology.


Oxetane ETERNACOLL® series are cationic curable raw materials with safety such as less hazard of skin irritation and lower toxicity. It can be used in combination with epoxy resins for a wide range of applications including coating and 3D printing resin.


ETERNATHANE® prepolymers series is a platform of isocyanate-terminated urethane prepolymer with customizable polycarbonate diol and isocyanate composition, for polyurethane applications requesting high performance and maximized durability in harsh conditions overtime. ETERNATHANE® prepolymers series can be supplied in a wide range of free NCO content, present a working pot life useful for both machine and hand-batching procedures. ETERNATHANE®-based polyurethanes properties can be adjusted by using a standard or a mixture of different curative agents, such as UBE ETERNACOLL® polycarbonate diol.