N2 Separation Membrane Module

Separation Membrane
UBE N2 Separator

Product Summary

UBE N2 separation membrane modules (N2 separator) have polyimide hollow fiber membranes originated from UBE. The modules that oxygen (O2) permeates preferentially than nitrogen (N2) can generate dry N2 with 90 to 99.9% N2 by separating O2 efficiently from compressed air. N2 is used in various fields as inert gases. The modules have been applied to fire and explosion protection for production and storage such as chemicals and fossil fuels, on board inert gas generating systems (OBIGGS) in airplanes, analytical instruments, laser cutting, and so on. UBE has a lot of lineups of the modules which satisfy customer requirement of various flow rates and concentrations of N2, and provides the modules with operation of low energy consumption, maintenance free, and long lifetime.

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Module Structure - N2 Separator
N2 Separator Lineup
N2 Generator - Ideal System Connection


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