H2 Separation Membrane Module

Separation Membrane
UBE Hydrogen Separation Membrane

Product Summary

UBE H2 separation membrane modules (H2 separator) have polyimide hollow fiber membranes originated from UBE. The modules that hydrogen (H2) permeates preferentially than other gases can recover H2 by separating H2 efficiently from gas mixtures. The modules have been applied to recovering and manufacturing processes of H2 from petroleum refineries and chemical industries such as syngas, methanol, and ammonia production. In addition, the modules can be also applied to production of biofuels such as SAF (sustainable aviation fuel), biodiesel, and so on. The modules also can be applied to He recovery and CO2 removal from natural gas at high pressure operation.

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Membrane Material & Its Feature
Lineup: Membrane Cartridge
Application: Hydrocarbon synthesis


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