Boron trichloride

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With the increasing level of high performance and integration of super LSI devices and other IC products in the semiconductor industry, dry-etching gases are in high demand for use in ultrafine fabrication. UBE was the first company to produce boron trichloride in Japan, and it is of the highest quality and purity, making a perfect choice for a dry-etching gas for aluminum wires.

Manufacturing and Product Information

  • A new manufacturing method based on UBE's proprietary technology. (Patented in a number of countries, including Japan, the U.S., Canada, and the EU.)
  • Extremely high-purity boron trichloride can be manufactured in a closed system that uses boric acid as a raw material.
  • Quality guaranteed through advanced analysis capabilities.
  • No quality irregularities thanks to integrated production that starts from raw materials.


Purity 99.999% or better
Impurities Impurities (typical analysis results in ppb)
Ag < 0.2   Co < 3.0   Mg < 4.0   Pb < 0.2
Al < 2.0   Cr < 0.2   Mn < 1.0   Sb < 1.0
Bi < 5.0   Cu < 0.5   Mo < 0.5   Si < 200
Ca < 5.0   Fe < 20   Na < 2.0   Sn < 10
Cd < 0.1   K < 4.0   Ni < 3.0   Zn < 4.0
There is a detection threshold for impure gases. The remaining amount of phosgene (COCL2) and chlorine (Cl) is below the detection thresholds (0.2ppm for phosgene and 1 ppm for chlorine).


Vapor pressure curve

Appearance Transparent,
colorless liquid
Odor Similar to hay
Molecular weight 117.2
Boiling point (°C) 12.4
Melting point (°C) -107
Liquid density (kg/l) 1.434(0°C)

Uses, Packaging and Notes of Caution on Handling

Uses Since UBE's boron trichloride is of the highest quality, it can be widely used for all manner of applications, including:
  • Dry-etching gas for aluminum wires
  • Gas for CVD
  • Raw material for boron nitride (BN)
  • Raw material for pharmaceutical and agrochemicals
  • Raw material for catalysts
  • Internal volume (l): 10l, 47l
  • Filled weight (kg): 10kg, 50kg
Note of Caution on Handling Although this chemical is nonflammable, it produces heavy white smoke in damp air, and breaks down into boric acid and chlorine.


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