ArSF5 compounds

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Molecular structure of ArSF5 compounds

UBE Aromatic SF5 compounds

UBE Aromatic SF5 compounds are expected to be useful as BUILDING BLOCKS for pharmaceutical agents, pesticides, liquid crystals, conductive polymer, and higher performance organic materials. Please contact us if you require other SF5 compounds.

Molecular structure: 2-Fluorophenylsulfur pentafluoride CAS:864230-02-4
2-Fluorophenylsulfur pentafluoride
Molecular structure: 3-Bromophenylsulfur pentafluoride CAS:672-30-0
3-Bromophenylsulfur pentafluoride
Molecular structure: 4-Chlorophenylsulfur pentafluoride CAS:5310-68-9
4-Chlorophenylsulfur pentafluoride



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