The Filter Simulator "Fuji-Yama" for Dielectric Ceramic Filter

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Product Summary

The Filter Simulator "Fuji-Yama" is the simulation tool for UBE Separate Type Dielectric Ceramic Filter. As shown below, the Separate type filter is constructed with several TEM mode coaxial ceramic resonators. The UBE Separate type Filter realizes the combination of low insertion loss and good attenuations. The attenuations characteristics are symmetric and there is no drawbacks of deteriorated attenuations at 2F frequency.
Please read "How to Use" first. (How to use simulator)

Set Markers
Unit : MHz

Band Width*
*must be
0.5 - 25% of Center
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Set Resonator Size and No. of Poles
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UBE filters simulated here have a shielding metal attached and installed on PCB. It would be however possible to design the filter without the shielding metal. Filters without PCB are also available. . .
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Set Dielectric Constant (if necessary)

The default setting of dielectric constant is described as below. If you do not select any dielectric constant value from the pull down menu below, the default setting will be applied automatically according to the center frequency. For example, the ER=92 will be used for the Fo up to 1600MHz
If You wish to set the different dielectric constant (Er/K) from the default values, choose from the pull down menu below.

Default value dielectric Constant Set Er/K (Optional)
Set Er/K=92 => Fo= up to 1600MHz Er/K
Set Er/K=38 => Fo =1600 to 2500MHz
Set Er/K=21 => Fo = 2500 to 6000MHz
Set Er/K=13 => Fo= 6000MHz and higher

Return Loss

The default setting of design return loss is 20.

Set Options
Simulation Graph settings Deign Return Loss
Stop (MHz)
Return Loss
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