Telecommunication Parts

Telecommunication Parts

Microwave Dielectric Ceramic Duplexers & Ceramic Bandpass FiltersUBE produces the dielectric ceramic material in-house and supplies High quality and Low price products.
For responding to the improvement of the wireless communication product technology, UBE keeps developing Dielectric Ceramic Filter and Duplexer of High performance and Small size.

  • High Performance for low loss and high attenuation
  • Small size
  • Rapid design for the custom product
  • Stable quality for the fully in-house production

Product Library



The most of our dielectric ceramic components are custom-made.
The items contained in this library show you how the performance/electric properties of our components would look like.

Band Pass Filter

Band Pass Filter

We recommend the user of this Library to get in touch with UBE to set the most appropriate specifications for your specific requirement based on the examples presented here.

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This product has been transferred to KYOCERA-UBE RF TEC Corporation.


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