Nitric acid
(dilute nitric acid, concentrated nitric acid)

Industrial Chemicals

Product Summary

Obtained through catalytic oxidation of ammonia, nitric acid is a colorless and transparent liquid with an irritant odor and is corrosive and emits smoke.
It slightly decomposes even at ordinary temperature, and heating or direct sunlight promotes further decomposition, resulting in a change of color to yellow or brown.
It is strongly corrosive and oxidizing, reacting with most metals, except gold and platinum, to produce nitrates. It has many applications including as the raw material for low explosives, fertilizer, dye and so on.

Chemical formula


Product line

  • Nitric acid 62%
  • Nitric acid 67.5%
  • Nitric acid 98%


Polyethylene drum (20kg), tank truck, tank ship


  • For TDI (polyurethane raw material)
  • For aniline (dye intermediate)
  • For adipic acid
  • For acid pickling, metal polishing, and plating

Handling precautions

Subject to the Fire Service Act (hazardous materials category VI: concentrated nitric acid) and Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Control Act (deleterious substance)


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