Industrial Chemicals


Liquid ammonia

Ammonia, a compound of hydrogen and nitrogen, as a compressed liquid.

Aqueous ammonia

A water solution of ammonia (ammonia concentration 25%), it is colorless and transparent with a singularly strong irritant odor.

Nitric acid
(dilute nitric acid, concentrated nitric acid)

Obtained through catalytic oxidation of ammonia, nitric acid is a colorless and transparent liquid with an irritant odor and is corrosive and emits smoke.

Sodium nitrite

Sodium nitrite comes in the form of white or off-white powdery crystals that gradually oxidize to sodium nitrate.

Sodium nitrate

A white, odorless, crystalline powder, which is deliquescent and its water solution displays a neutral reaction.

Sulfuric acid
(dilute sulfuric acid, concentrated sulfuric acid)

It is used for synthetic fiber raw materials, dye, fertilizer, metal scouring, steelmaking.

Ammonium bicarbonate

Colorless, transparent crystal with the smell of ammonia, which is unstable when heated, soluble in water, and displays strong alkalinity when hydrolyzed.

Industrial ammonium sulfate

Colorless, transparent crystal, which is soluble in water, but non-soluble in ethyl alcohol nor acetone.


Cyclohexanone is a colorless, flammable and corrosive liquid which dissolves in water, alcohol and ether.

Oxalic acid

Colorless, odorless needle crystals, that easily dissolves in alcohol, but does not dissolve well in ether.

Hydrogen peroxide

A colorless and transparent liquid with a faint, distinctive odor (ozone), it dissolves uniformly in water at arbitrary ratios, and is extremely stable except in contact with heavy metals or contaminated with foreign material, etc.