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Resin for 3D printers is a UV-curable transparent liquid suitable for light-curing 3D printers.
Resin for display (OCR/adhesive) is an UV curable transparent material suitable for laminating flat and curved displays.
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Resin for 3D printers

Suitable for light-curing 3D printers such as SLA (stereolithography), DLP, and material jetting type

Type Grade Wavelength Features
Clear, ABS-like D1-005 355 nm High Transparency
Tough D1-007 355 nm Toughness
Further Tough D1-004 355 nm High Toughness, High Transparency
Further Elongation D1-006 355 nm High Elongation
High-temp D1-003 355 nm Heat Resistance, High Transparency
Long wavelength D2-001 405 nm Low Water-absorption
Mechanical property chart

Resin for display (OCR/Adhesive)

  • UV-curing transparent resin suitable for OCR to bond a display and a cover substrate
  • High adhesive strength and high viscosity, providing excellent resistance to sagging
  • Suitable for automotive displays, curved displays, and signage displays, etc.
  • Can also be applicable as a raw material for OCA
Grade Viscosity (25℃) Features
D3-001 3,000 Pa・s High adhesive strength, Transparency, Low shrinkage
D3-005 200-300 Pa・s High adhesive strength, Transparency, Heat resistance

Technical information

Resin for 3D printers
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Resin for display (OCR/Adhesive)
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