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Glycerol Carbonate (CAS number 931-40-8) is an interesting material in the chemical industry, which can be used in several applications as raw materials or active solvent. Glycerol carbonate could serve in coatings, paintings and adhesives industries; as solvent, diluent and plasticizer; as synthetic intermediates; and many other applications.

Coatings, paintings and adhesives.

Glycerin Carbonate can react with amines to make urethane bonding, blocking agent for isocyanates which may be used water-borne polyurethane dispersion for coatings, paintings and adhesives, reduces weight loss in cathodic electrocoatings, and has ability as an anti-crater agent.

Solvent, diluent, plasticizer and compatibilizer.

Glycerin Carbonate offers excellent solvent properties. Thus it may be used as solvent, diluent, plasticizer, or compatibilizer for different systems of solvents in various applications, including electrolytes.

Cosmetics, personal care and healthcare.

Due to its feature such as moisture retention, low toxicity and low fl¬ammability, glycerin carbonate finds uses in cosmetics, personal care, and health care.

Synthetic intermediates.

Due to its dual functionality, glycerin carbonate may also be used as synthetic intermediates, chain extender and cross-linkage.

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