UBE Caprolactam (ε-Caprolactam)


Product Summary

Caprolactam is the raw material for Nylon 6 fiber and Nylon 6 resin. UBE has achieved world-leading quality and secured stable supply based on our 60 years of experience and the technologies we have developed since starting to manufacture caprolactam in 1956.

With production facilities in Japan, Thailand and Spain, UBE has realized scrupulous customer supports.
UBE enjoys the highest reputation at markets in the world.

Packaging Flake: 25kg plastic bag
Application Nylon 6 fiber raw material, Nylon 6 resin raw material

Production Base

Caprolactam Factory(ube) Caprolactam Factory
UBE Chemical (Asia) Public Co Ltd.(Thailand) UBE Chemical (Asia) Public Co Ltd.
UBE Chemical Europe, S.A.(Spain) UBE Corporation Europe, S.A.U.


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