Hydrogen peroxide

Industrial Chemicals

Product Summary

A colorless and transparent liquid with a faint, distinctive odor (ozone), it dissolves uniformly in water at arbitrary ratios, and is extremely stable except in contact with heavy metals or contaminated with foreign material, etc. Containing reactive oxygen, it is used for bleaching, chemical reactions, sterilization, deodorizing and so on, but its main feature is that it forms harmless non-toxic water and oxygen when it decomposes.

Chemical formula


Product line

35%, 45%, 60%


Plastic can, tank truck


  • Bleach (paper, pulp, fiber, wood)
  • Chemical intermediate materials (oxidizing agents)
  • Industrial waste water and sewage treatment (sterilization, deodorizing, decolorizing)
  • Chemical intermediate materials
  • Surface treatment (smelting, recovery, surface preparation)
  • Etching and washing of printed circuit boards etc.

Handling precautions

Subject to the Fire Service Act, Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Control Act, Industrial Safety and Health Act and other regulations.


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