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"UPIA®" is a complete Polyimide varnish product line based on UBE's "U-varnish" brand, with new performance varnish grades developed from UBE's extensive experience and Superior technology.

Usage (Examples)

Usage (Examples)

Packing and handling precautions

Standard Packing

Standard Packing

(2) Handling precautions

"UPIA®" is extremely stable when properly stored. Please keep it in a cool, dark place when storing for a long period of time. Always keep the lid tightly sealed when storing to prevent hydrolysis due to moisture absorption. Immediately wipe off any varnish that comes into contact with the skin and then thoroughly wash the affected area.

Please refer to Safety Data Seat (SDS) before use.

"UPIA®" NMP based systems are classified as a Type 3 Petroleum Substance, Type 4 Hazardous Material under Japan's Fire Defense Law (designated quantity: 2,000 liters).

(3) Content Statement

The content provided is based on materials, data and information currently available. No guarantee is made with regard to content, physical properties or hazardous and harmful effects.
Furthermore, handling precautions relate to normal handling. In unique situations requiring special handling, please use safety measures appropriate for the application and process.