UPILEX® Ultra heat-resistant films


Super-heat resistant polyimide film produced from
UBE's exclusive "BPDA (Biphenyl tetracarboxylic dianhydride)" monomers.
This formulation is unique to UBE and exhibits outstanding dimensional stability, low water absorption and very high chemical resistance.

Packing example

(1) Packing example

Packing example

(2) Handling precautions

  • When handling "UPILEX®" at high temperatures attention should be paid to ventilation. This is because DMAC, which "UPILEX®" contains traces of, produces carbon monoxide at temperatures over 300°C and at high temperatures, in excess of 500°C, "UPILEX®" generates pyrolytic products. Ventilation should be adequate to ensure that concentrations of DMAC and carbon monoxide are kept to safe levels (10ppm and 100ppm). ln addition, breathing safety equipment, such as organic gasmasks, should be used to prevent the inhalation of fumes.
  • Please refer to Safety Data Seat (SDS) before use.

(3) Content Statement

The content provided is based on materials, data and information currently available and no guarantee is given with regard to content, physical properties or hazardous and harmful effects.

Furthermore, handling precautions relate to normal handling. In unique situations requiring special handling, please use safety measures appropriate for the application and process.