UPILEX Ultra heat-resistant films


Super-heat resistant polyimide film produced from
UBE's exclusive "BPDA (Biphenyl tetracarboxylic dianhydride)" monomers.
This formulation is unique to UBE and exhibits outstanding dimensional stability, low water absorption and very high chemical resistance.

Advantages of "UPILEX®"

Heat-resistant and functional Polyimide film derived from BPDA

In addition to the excellent properties of general polyimide resins (heat resistance, high mechanical properties and excellent electrical insulating properties), UBE's polyimide film "UPILEX®" has various advantages unique to our formulation.

High heat resistance
UPILEX S can be used in high-temperature processes just below 500°C.
This exceeds industry standard operating temperatures around 300°C.
High mechanical properties
Upilex has excellent wear resistance and toughness.
This allows use of thinner films in applications where strength is critical.
Chemical resistance
It has excellent chemical resistance to organic solvents, gasoline,
automotive oil, alkalis, acids etc..
High-performance technology
The industry leading surface uniformity and smoothness of Upilex
improves performance and adds value to your application.

Grade lineup

UBE developed advanced film grades by customizing the base technology of the polyimide film surface, while maintaining the many advantages of the existing grade "UPILEX®-S".
"UPILEX®" is used globally by many customers, who all demand the exceptional performance we deliver.

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Base grade UPILEX-S

Mechanical properties:
High tensile strength and modulus.
Demonstrates outstanding mechanical characteristics
through a wide temperature range.
Electrical properties:
Excellent electrical characteristics over a wide range of temperatures and frequencies.
Thermal properties:
Outstanding heat resistance. Excellent heat shrinkage and dimensional stability.
Environmental resistance:
Low water absorption and hygroscopic expansion.
Chemical resistance:
Insoluble in all organic solvents and resistant to chemicals (acids and alkalis etc.).
Smooth surface:
Excellent surface smoothness allows fine pitch patterning.

Molding grade UPILEX-RN

Molding processability:
Elongation over 100%.Excellent moldability for embossing due to better flexibility and lower modulus than "UPILEX®-S".
Environmental resistance:
Molded articles have excellent heat resistance and chemical resistance, so they are used in insulation applications and in applications requiring environmental resistance.
Enhanced thermal adhesion to metal

Surface thermal adhesion grade UPILEX-VT UPILEX-NVT

As base films for laminated multilayer FPC and two-layer CCL, they have superior heat bonding characteristics and physical properties.

Enhanced adhesion of
resin surface

Improved adhesion for sputtering, plating UPILEX-SGA

It is suitable for sputtering or plating process and has superior mechanical properties. Dimensional stability and chemical resistance are equal to "UPILEX®-S".

Polyimide resin equivalent of UPILEX-S Function of the film surface Function of the film surface
UBE's High-performance technology!

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Grade lineup UPILEX-S" UPILEX-RN UPILEX-VT,NVT UPILEX-SGA Polyimide Varnish Polyimide powder

Applications of "UPILEX®"

UBE offers various grades of "UPILEX®" for use in a wide variety of applications.

Base grade UPILEX-S

Various materials used
in circuit boards
-Base film, cover film
-Reinforcing plate

Improved adhesion for sputtering, plating UPILEX-SGA

Flexible display base

Thin devices
-Various thin films
The base material for
adhesive films
Carrier film for
curable resin systems
Release film for
heat press applications
Molding grade UPILEX-RN
Speaker cone
Embossing products
Shield material
Insulating member

Surface thermal adhesion grade UPILEX-VT,UPILEX-NVT
Film based wire harness
Thermal resistant insulating film for heaters
Protective film for metal moldings
The base substrate of circuit board
Interlayer insulating film in multilayer substrate

two-layer CCL
Heat bonding film
between the structural member