From Applications, you can check the available products and grades

Materials used in circuit boards
Base film  
Three-layer CCL (Copper-clad laminate) UPILEX-S,UPILEX-SGA
Laminated two-layer CCL UPILEX-VT, UPILEX-NVT
For nano-ink UPILEX-SGA
For direct plating UPILEX-SGA
Cover film UPILEX-S
Reinforcing plate UPILEX-S
Interlayer insulating film in multilayer substrate UPILEX-VT, UPILEX-NVT
Base for thin heater UPILEX-S, UPILEX-VT
Base for electrostatic chuck UPILEX-S, UPILEX-VT
Thin, flexible device base
For solar cells UPILEX-S, UPILEX-SGA, UPIA-ST(U-Varnish-S)
UPIA-AT(U-Varnish-A), UPIA-ST(U-Varnish-S)
For touch panel UPILEX-S, UPILEX-SGA, UPIA-ST(U-Varnish-S)
For various sensors UPILEX-S, UPILEX-SGA,
UPIA-AT(U-Varnish-A), UPIA-ST(U-Varnish-S)
Carrier base, Releasing material
Base material for adhesive films UPILEX-S
Carrier base for curable resin systems UPILEX-S
Heat press cushion material, releasing material UPILEX-S
Releasing material for CFRP molding UPILEX-S, UPILEX-RN
Adhesives, bonding sheet
Heat bonding sheet UPILEX-VT, UPILEX-NVT
Various adhesives UPIA-AT(U-Varnish-A), UPIA-ST(U-Varnish-S)
Molding products
Speaker cone UPILEX-RN
Reflector UPILEX-RN
Electromagnetic shielding UPILEX-RN
Three-dimensional circuit UPILEX-RN,  UPIA-AT(U-Varnish-A)
Seamless belts UPIA-AT(U-Varnish-A), UPIA-ST(U-Varnish-S)
Thermal resistant insulating protective material, coating material
Thermal resistant insulating material for heaters UPILEX-S, UPILEX-VT, UPILEX-NVT
UPIA-AT(U-Varnish-A), UPIA-ST(U-Varnish-S)
Thermal resistant protective film for metal moldings UPILEX-VT, NVT
Insulating film for electronic components UPIA-AT(U-Varnish-A), UPIA-ST(U-Varnish-S),
Wire coating materials UPIA-AT(U-Varnish-A), UPIA-NF
Heat-resistant paint UPIA-AT(U-Varnish-A), UPIA-ST(U-Varnish-S), UPIA-NF
Anti-rust paint UPIA-AT(U-Varnish-A), UPIA-ST(U-Varnish-S), UPIA-NF
Sizing agent UPIA-AT(U-Varnish-A), UPIA-ST(U-Varnish-S), UPIA-NF
Battery applications
Secondary battery electrode binder UPIA-AT(U-Varnish-A), UPIA-LB, UPIA-NF