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Add value to your polyurethane material coatings, adhesives or polymers by using Polycarbonate diol ETERNACOLL®!

The customizable nature of these products gives you the best of the outstanding properties required to meet your business needs for high performance and durability across your Polyurethane applications.

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What are the key properties provided by Polycarbonate diol ETERNACOLL® to polyurethane?

A key advantage of using Polycarbonate diol ETERNACOLL® for your polyurethane material is that it retains its original properties and performance over time. It can withstand extreme environmental conditions such as temperature highs and lows, humidity, stain and chemical aggressions while at the same time guaranteeing durable high performance.

Key properties include:

Outstanding water resistance
Increased water/hydrolysis resistance makes Polycarbonate diol ETERNACOLL ®-based polyurethane the leading Diol for this property. The advantage of Polycarbonate diol ETERNACOLL ®-based polyurethane is that it is capable of resisting very humid conditions whilst remaining intact after lengthy exposure to water and humidity.
Superior adhesion
A critical property of polyurethane adhesives is of course adhesion as measured by T-Peel and Lap-shear strength. Polycarbonate diol ETERNACOLL ® formulated adhesives, sealants and coatings show superior results for these properties compared to standard diols.
Chemical & stain resistance
Elastomers can fade, discolor and stain over time when they are exposed to harsh solvents and fluids. To minimize the impact of this damage, Polycarbonate diol ETERNACOLL ® are designed to improve chemical and stain resistance of your polyurethane formulations to optimize durability and performance.
Polycarbonate diol ETERNACOLL ® also provide excellent stain resistance, giving you access to highly durable polyurethane-based formulations that can better withstand staining over time and with exposure.
High thermal stability
If temperature resistance is essential for your material formulations then Polycarbonate diol ETERNACOLL ® is the technology you need! The excellent heat resistance provided by Polycarbonate diol ETERNACOLL ® leads to very high thermal stability polyurethane compared to standard Polyester and Polyether Diols.
Enhanced mechanical properties
Tensile strength and hardness are key properties of polyurethane formulations. When compared with standard Diols, formulating polyurethane with Polycarbonate diol ETERNACOLL ® enables maximum results from your elastomers via its higher performing mechanical properties.
Higher scratch & abrasion resistance
Durability of polyurethane elastomers is often related to scratch and abrasion resistance. Determination of Polycarbonate diol ETERNACOLL ®-based polyurethane film hardness with a pencil test demonstrates that Polycarbonate diol ETERNACOLL ®-based polyurethane has a higher hardness and therefore an increased scratch resistance than benchmark Diols.
Superior gloss retention
Long-lasting gloss retention, with no change to initial properties even after exposure to extreme environments is a common requirement for polyurethane coatings. Polycarbonate diol ETERNACOLL ® formulated polyurethane demonstrates better retention of gloss and greater durability compared to standard Polyester and Polyether Diols after ageing under various heat conditions.
Flexible adhesion using blends
Combining Polycarbonate diol ETERNACOLL ® and standard diols to create diol blends is an efficient way to enhance the adhesion properties of your polyurethane.
The cost / adhesion performance ratio can be customized to your needs with approximate standard diols content of 10-50% wt. Polycarbonate diol ETERNACOLL ® are fully miscible with most of standard diols and when combined to form diol blends, the adhesion is much greater compared to standard diols.